Watching the smoke billow to the sky… it dawned on me…

This past Labor Day weekend, me and the wife loaded up the car and drove from Texas to  the Rocky Mountain National Forest in Colorado.   We had an absolute blast!   The weather was perfect, the wildlife was out running around and the good company of our friends kept the good times rolling!

As we departed Monday to head back home, we continued to see a huge cloud of smoke billowing from the mountains near Boulder, Co.   As it turns out, this smoke was coming from a 3500 acre fire that as of  Monday, had consumed at least 24 homes.   1000+ homeowners were evacuated and many peoples lives still stand still as they await news from officials.

Seeing all of this reminded me to make sure all of my own insurance needs are in place.   It also prompted me to remind other to be sure that their policies are current and up to date as you never know when disaster is going to strike!