Monday Night Football – We Should Get this Excited For Real Estate This Time of Year Too!!

Even though the the large, summer time real estate season is primarily over, those of you who choose to or need to buy or sell a property in what is traditionally thought of as the “off season”, should consider getting as excited as most Americans do for Monday night football!   As I sit here watching my Cowboys finally lead a game past the half time (hold onto it guys!), I think about the excitement that spurs up at the office each Monday in anticipation for the night time showdown with the pig skin.   This energy needs to  be equally echoed in today’s real estate market!   Even though we are in the unofficial “off season” for real estate, people & families will still need to buy and sell properties regardless.   Every day, life changing events  occur all around us.   These changes  in and around us  often times trigger the movement of peoples homes.   I bet that almost every day, there are at least 10 families that learn that they are being transferred to the Dallas/Fort Worth are.   And I bet 10 more learn that they need to pack their belongings and move on to the next phase of their lives somewhere outside of Dallas/Fort Worth.   You think these numbers might be a little low?   Ya… me too.   Honestly,  I bet there are a lot more people than this, but I wanted to lean on the conservative side of things as to avoid a mass email blitz for all of you!

The point is, even though we are entering our traditional slower months, the need to buy and sell properties will still be there.   As we approach the holidays, houses will be decorated and smell delightful, buyers are typically more serious, and agents are prospecting daily more than ever to find buyers for their listings (at least I am!).  

So gear up, put your helmet on, and lets sell some properties.   It will make all parties involved happy and it will also keep this  long standing economy on a forward moving pace… much like my Cowboys tonight!

So price those homes right, get them staged, and open up  those doors for the showings because this off season is looking more like a peak season to me!

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