Texas Housing Market Update

Are you curious about what is in store for the Texas’ Housing Market or even the national housing market?   Who isn’t?   Below is a link to an article published by the Tierra Grande Real Estate magazine.   This magazine is a  publication of the Texas A&M Real Estate Center which is a highly sought after source of information pertaining to accurate real estate trends.


Anyone thinking about entering the real estate market now or in the near future should definitely read it and you should also contact me with any questions or concerns.

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Brandonwood Estates in North Richland Hills, Tx – Only 2 Homes Sold in 6 Months

Looking to buy or sell a home in Brandonwood Estates in the City of North Richland Hills?   Well depending on what side of the transaction you are on, you might be in a better position than the other.

Brandonwood Estates is a community comprised of about 400-500 homes that range in price from $250,000 – $400,000.   It is located in the northern area of North Richland Hills and is apart of Keller ISD.   This master planned community has everything from simple, but nice, track home one stories, all the way to much larger and newer full blown custom homes.   The neighborhood also boasts Founders Parkwhich has a playground, a covered pavilion, water fountains, and a BBQ grill… all surrounded by lush landscaping and natural trees.

Hard Facts:

– In the last 6 months only 2 Homeshave sold in Brandonwood.

– There are currently 15 Homesfor sale in Brandonwood (at this rate it will take 46 months to sell all of the homes).

– 7 Listings were cancelled in the last 6 months (for unknown reasons).

–  2 Listings have expired  in the last 6 months  (meaning the listing agreement ran out between the seller and agent).

Brandonwood’s numbers are very common in this strong buyers market, but sales are still occurring in the Dallas/Fort Worth areas..   It’s just that buyers have a ton of selection to choose from and thus many buyers are taking their time with their home search and they want to view as many properties as possible.  

If you are a buyerand would like to view any of the current listings in Brandonwood Estates (or the surrounding area), please feel free to contact me.   If you are a seller, looking for an aggressive agent to list and sell your  home in Brandonwood Estates (or the surrounding area), please feel free to contact me for a free, no obligation consultation.

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What are Closing Costs?

What are Closing Costs?

That’s a good question you ask and one that is quite often talked about in a real estate transaction.   Determining your  mortgage payment is one thing.   Closing costs are definitely another.   I could tell you in my own words, but rather, let’s hear them from one of my devoted mortgage professionals:

“Closing costs are expenses that cover fees associated with the transfer of property ownership. fees paid to state and local governments, and the costs of obtaining a mortgage loan.   Some of these fees are negotiable, and could be paid by either the buyer or the seller.   Some costs are one-time fees (non-recurring closing costs, such as title searches, termite inspection, appraisal, etc…); while other fees such as homeowners insurance or property taxes are things you will expect to continue to pay on a regular basis as a homeowner.”

And per the Texas promulgated One to Four Family Residental Resale Contract, the lawyers say (try not to fall asleep):

Expenses payable by Buyer (Buyer’s Expenses):   Appraisal fees; loan application fees; adjusted origination charges; credit reports; preparation of loan documents; interest on the notes from date of disbursement to one month prior to dates of first monthly charges; recording fees; copies of easements and restrictions; loan title policy with endorsements required by lender; loan-related inspection fees; photos; amortization schedules; one-half of escrow fee; all prepaid items, including required premiums for flood and hazard insurance, reserve deposits for insurance, ad valorem taxes and special governmental assessments; final compliance inspection; courier fee; repair inspection; underwriting fee; wire transfer fee; expenses incident to any loan; Private Mortgage Insurance Premium (PMI), VA Loan Funding Fee, or FHA Mortgage Insurance Premium (MIP) as required by the lender; and other expenses payable by Buyer under this contract.”

So you can see that the Buyers have a lot of potiential fees that if not negotiated, he or she will be paying for during a real estate transaction. I’m here to help.   Contact me below for any of your real estate needs or concerns.

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