Another Happy Dave Ramsey Client!

#davesighting #closingtime Facebook…. you see this young lady in the red sweater? Well she is Diane Smith, a fellow Dave Ramsey follower who found me through Dave’s endorsed realtor program. Diane just bought her dream ranch in “Way The Heck North Dallas” (and that’s no joke) and we couldn’t be happier for her. My mom, Teri, represented her in the purchase of this ranch and she bought it through what is called a “bridge loan” while we continue to try to sell her suburbia home (which we will)!! A bridge loan allows you to buy your next home before you sell your old home. Yea that program has been around awhile Knock (you’ll get it if you know what Knock is). Diane told me at the closing table, “Your mom’s a bird dog!” I LOVED hearing that, so thank you mom for your work! Well wishes to you Diane and we’ll see you at the closing table of ( here real soon!!!

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