Another Satisfied Dave Ramsey Client Closes!


#daveramseysighting #covidclosing #daveramseyclientsrock #closingday #CoronaVirusCantStopUs While I waited outside in my car in case any questions arose, James and Jennifer Adams closed on the sale of their home!! After going under contract the first weekend on the market through #multipleoffers, the first buyer bailed out on us due to the Coronavirus 👎🏻😟. So I worked my way back through the other offers that came in (7 total) to get us back on track with buyer #2. When buyer #2 decided to “assign” the contract to another investor friend of theirs I had to make sure everything was on the up and up as I didn’t want Jennifer and James to be left high and dry come closing day. Some workable turbulence did come about the morning of closing, but nothing that we couldn’t handle and now they have mucho mucho money in their account and are happy happy! Thanks for being such great clients guys!! (

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