Another Satisfied Seller!

My client’s last realtor told him that “Siri asks HIM for real estate questions.” and “I don’t just sell in the real estate market, I AM the real estate market.” Oh boy….. well then why couldn’t you get his house sold then?🤔🤔🤔 I always say “choosewiselymyfriends only because there really is a difference in a realtor/real estate team who gives 2 cents about you and your real estate needs, and an agent where you are simply just another client on their long list of clients. The success of a client meeting their financial & housing goals is CRUCIALLY important to my team and I. For this client, Tim Taylor, we painstakingly made decisions together all along the way to make sure that we were taking the right steps to find (and partner with) the right buyer, but also to make each decision along the way to help maximize Tim’s return on his 💰💰💰 I was actually the 3rd agent to have listed this home and got it sold in a short 6 days… I’ll let you figure out what it sold for 😜😜( #dfwrealestate #dfwrealtor #haslet #hasletrealestate #hasletrealtor #justsold #nwisd #realtorrhodes #closingday

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