Another Satisfied Dave Ramsey Seller!

#daveramseysighting#daveramseyclientsrock☑️ 36 Offers!☑️ Sold WAY above asking.. Like $30,000 OVER asking! 💵💵☑️ So Many Showings = Sellers got a hotel for a couple nights!☑️ Happy Clients!☑️ Tired Agent! 🙃☑️ Off to North Dakota they go! Wow, what a whirlwind Annie and Rick, but we did it! TOGETHER we absolutely hit a grand slam for you on the sale of your home. Thank you for partnering with me through the Dave Ramsey program as I know you had a few agents to choose from.💵💵 For those thinking of selling your home to Zillow, Opendoor, or one of those companies… just take notes from this client, secure a hotel for a couple of nights, hire someone like me and make thousands upon thousands of more $$$$$ come closing day that selling to one of those firms. And I’ll guarantee that in writing!#choosewiselymyfriends(

Allow us to do the same for you or someone you know!

Kevin Rhodes with Keller Williams Realty Dallas/Fort Worth – Endorsed by Dave Ramsey!! or
Cell: 832-233-0265
Check out my YouTube Channel HERE!
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