This is what you will NOT get when you work with me.

There are things that you do in residential real estate market, and others that you simply do not. “Exhibit A” as to what NOT to do in real estate marketing is above. The above picture is an actual primary listing picture used by an agent here in DFW for their brand-new listing. I’m pretty sure this agent is doing everything in their power NOT to get any showings from buyers as I don’t believe I have ever seen a more unique situations with the power lines, the dual water towners, and the crane directly behind this property.

The goal as your listing agent is to DRIVE traffic TO your home, not away. And using this picture as the primary picture is certainly going to deter buyer’s in visiting this home. And the sad part is, the inside of this townhome is super updated and looks really nice! The agent could have used one of the interior pic’s to really draw in the buyer and increase the opportunity for buyer’s to visit the home and fall in love.

This is NOT the type of ill thought-out marketing that you will get when you work with me.


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