Another Satisfied Dave Ramsey Seller! Terri Meek of Justin, TX!

It’s story time for those that like stories. Do you see that smiling face, there to the right in this picture? Well, that’s Terri. I met Terri 5 years ago in the summer of 2018 when she inquired about selling her Justin, TX home through the Dave Ramsey program, of which I am a realtor in. In my 5 years of follow-up with Terri, a lot certainly changed. Her kids had left her house, I believe a dog had passed away, the real estate market was certainly ever changing, and then in 2020, Terri’s husband passed expectantly to Covid. That was earth shattering to Terri. You see, her husband had handled most of everything around that house. Bills, maintenance, lawn care, etc… So, the loss of her husband meant no she was in charge of it all…. everything. Then in late in 2022, Terri made the large decision that it was time to let go of her home and turn the page in her life’s book. We listed her home for sale in a market that was struggling to find its footing. It seemed like it was changing every day and oftentimes for a seller, not for the best. Terri is a woman of faith and so after nearly 2 months on the market, when we contracted with our first buyer on Christmas day, she was over the moon excited. She felt blessed. Unfortunately, that buyer ultimately decided to change their mind and they went another direction. So, we went back on the market. Buyer #2… I was told that this buyer had been praying that this home would come back on the market, so when it did, we contracted with them right away! All was going great until this buyer apparently decided to not to listen to their answered prayers (or they received a different message), and thus they too chose to go another direction. Terri and I were exhausted. Who wouldn’t be? It was mentally and physically defeating. Nonetheless, we rallied together to connect with and find OUR buyer that would finally make it to the finish line… yup… buyer #3! Sometimes it just takes that many to find “the one”. Interestingly, this buyer’s offer was actually the best of any offer terms Terri had received in the past, so in the end it was a true blessing to Terri! There were tears at the move out and the closing. There were smiles as well. Not all closings are the same. Not all clients require 5 years of follow-up and touching in. But THIS is why I do what I do. Helping Terri navigate all of the nuances of what she had before her is what fulfills my heart within my career. Carry on Terri… carry on.

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