Come experience waterfront living in Coppell! Located at the widest part of this man-made canal, 904 Basilwood Drive offers spectacular views and a versatile floorplan for your family!


Grand foyer and staircase with iron ballusters add a stunning entrance to your home! Notice the sprawling hard wood floors throughout upper and lower levels of the home add warmth and beauty!


Open and inviting downstairs living room looks out over waterway! Gas fireplace and logs for a cozy night in!


Updated, gourmet kitchen boasts granite countertops, tumbled stone backsplash, stainless steel appliances, including a gas cooktop and great built-in desk area perfect for paying bills or menu planning!


Downstairs executive office also overlooks the canal and has direct access to the covered patio!


Upstairs Master Suite features private balcony overlooking backyard oasis!


Master Bathroom has been updated with exquisite spa-inspired finishes!


Game Room is perfect for a kids playroom or a man cave for catching your favorite college football games!


Step out back and experience a calming, tranquil escape from your busy day! Complete with an open deck and a covered patio, this captivating backyard has a view unlike any other! With a pool-sized backyard and no rear neighbors, this home offers rare amenities


This gorgeous home located on a RARE CANAL LOT boasts 4 bedrooms, 3 1/2 bathrooms, 3 living areas AND an office, as well as 3 separate outdoor living spaces! Nestled in the award-winning Coppell ISD, 904 Basilwood Drive offers a stunning view, incredible school district and versatile floorplan with updates galore!

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Do Counter-Offers Have to be in Writing?

Good question right as in Texas, verbal agreements are a legal as an eagle!  See below for the answer and know that it might surprise you a bit!

Do Counter-Offers Have to be in Writing?

We’re a group of professionals well versed in the rules of real estate negotiations, so when the time needs, please feel free to reach out to us!

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SOLD!!! Come check out 8221 Rio Vista Court!

A true Forest Glenn West custom home with a fireplace in the master bedroom, an executive study with 14 ft ceilings, a see through fireplace to family and formal dining rooms, handscraped hardwood flooring, Up and Downstairs laundry rooms, 2 bedrooms down, with the media room as an optional 5th bedroom.  Largest master bathroom in Forest Glenn West with 14 ft ceilings and 3 shower heads.  Breathtaking, relaxing backyard with flagstone patio, built in bbq pit and built in tv nook.  This house comes complete with professional landscaping and walkways.  This house spacious and equipped with all the upgrades you could want….so come by and check it out!  You won’t be disappointed!


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10 Reasons to Fire Your Realtor

I’ve been doing this for some time now and I get to talk with a lot of buyers and sellers. And you know what I have learned? There are a lot of people who have had bad experiences with bad realtors. that’s really a shame, becasue like myself, there are some really solid and professional agents out there.

So let’s have some fun. Below I outline 10 Reasons to Fire Your Realtor!

1) They do not answer or return your phone call. Sounds crazy right? Wrong! it’s all too common unfortunately. I have heard this SO many times! Many sellers have told me that basically their agent ust stuck the sign in the yard, placed it on the MLS and they never heard from them again. Sad.

2) In the home buying or selling process, they don’t ask you what YOU would like to do… they tell you what you are GOING to do. So many agents (especially those who have a lot of years under their belt) think that it is their duty to steer their client to the clients decision and basically tell them what they should do. WRONG! We are there to inform them of everything that is going on in the scenario, tell them their options, and allow THE CLIENT to make the final decision as to what they would like to do. My opinion or thoughts do not matter unless the client is asking for them.

3) They don’t make you feel like you are a priority. If you want to go look at homes and they can’t meet up with you for 3 days or so, is that agent really making you a priority? Absolutely not. You are important! You are the client! Now mind you on a rare occasion an agent might be completely slammed so he/she may not be able to get to you for 3 days, but if this is a reoccuring theme, move on or ask to be referred to an agent who has more time. You don’t wanna miss the opportunity to make an offer on that new listing!

4) They don’t provide you with market updates. What good does it do to be listed for sale for 60, 90, or even 120 days with no market updates from your agent? With out these updates, you have absolutely no idea what your competition is doing, what has sold, or what neighbor has reduced their price. It’s no different than buying a car. You look around and comparision shop. Buyers are doing the same thing when buying houses, so wouldn’t you want your agent to keep you in the know so that you can remain competitive in the marketplace and sell your home, not someone’s around the corner from you? My hand is up!

5) If you catch them in a lie. It’s time for a break-up if this happens. No questions asked. Realtors are bound by a certain code of ethics by the National Association of Realtors. I for one would like to keep my license, so for me, lying is not an option. Enough said.

6) If they don’t do what they promised you. This one is pretty simple, but if an agent promises X, Y and Z… they better deliver. If they don’t, I think that is a question of integrity on behalf of the agent and I would recommend cutting them loose sooner rather than later.

7) They don’t THOROUGHLY go over the paperwork they have you sign. If they basically skim over it really fast and just say, “Sign here”, you know you might be about to join ranks with someone that you shouldn’t. The Listing Agreement, the Buyers Representation Agreement and Contract are SO very important to go over in their entirety. YOU NEED TO KNOW WHAT YOU ARE SIGNING!

8) If you just don’t “click”. We’ve all been there before. We think we like someone and we think we will work well together, but after an hour or so of actually working together, we quickly realize that we just don’t “click”. If this is the case… move on people, move on. Buying a home or selling a home is usually a long partnership where both parties had better like each other, trust each other and in general, just plain enjoy each others company.

9) If your working with anyone else other than The Kevin Rhodes Group. Only joking of course, but I couldn’t come up with more than 8 reasons!

10) If your working with anyone else other than The Kevin Rhodes Group. Only joking of course, but I couldn’t come up with more than 8 reasons!

Kevin Rhodes with Keller Williams Dallas/Fort Worth
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Need to Know What to do with a Sellers Disclosure? YES YOU DO!

Sellers Disclosures are a VERY important part of the real estate transaction.   Below I will give you my professional opinion on how their importance on both buyers and sellers.


It is so very important to fill out the Sellers Disclosure  in its entirety and honestly.   Believe me when I say, that I have heard many   stories where sellers say something to the affect of, “Oh, we don’t need to write that down… it wasn’t that bad.”   Well I’ll be the first to tell you that if it wasn’t “that” bad, then you 100%, definitely need to disclose this item on the Sellers Disclosure.   100%   By disclosing any and all defects or issues that you know about your  property, you are essentially protecting yourself from future lawsuits from a buyer that might discover an issue after the sale.   If the issue was not disclosed on the Sellers Disclosure and the buyer can prove that you knew about it, you might as well  go ahead and prepare for big problems.   Transversely, if you did disclose all that you knew about an issue and the buyer later tries to come back after you for remedy, you will likely be protected as you had disclosed it to the buyer prior to them making the decision to purchase the property through the Sellers Disclosure.   Another thing to know, is that here in Texas, if  the seller has had any type of inspection done by  any type of a licensed inspector within the last 5 YEARS, this must be included and explained in the Sellers Disclosure.   An example of this would be if you were having settling cracks around your home and you decided to hire a foundation engineer to come out and inspect and evaluate your property.    This report would need to be  noted on the Sellers Disclosure (Para. 10B in Texas).  Another very important example, is say you get your house under contract with a buyer.   The buyer then schedules an inspection on your house.   Once the inspection is done, they email the inspection report to you or your agent.   For whatever reason, you and the buyer are not able to agree on repairs and thus the contract cancels.   Being the seller, you now must disclose this inspection report on a new, updated  Sellers Disclosure.   Keep this in mind when negotiating repairs.   Knowing that you must disclose this report to future buyers may make  you think twice about not coming to terms on repairs with the  buyer #1.   In essence, PROTECT YOURSELF… COMPLETELY FILL OUT THE SELLERS DISCLOSURE, OPENLY AND HONESTLY!!


As a buyer it is equally important to closely review the Sellers Disclosure on any property that you are thinking about buying.   And be cautious of the date of when the Sellers Disclosure was filled out by the seller.   The property could currently be 350 days on the market and the Sellers Disclosure was filled out on day 1.   Do you think that something may have changed in that time?   Absolutely!   Request a new, current Sellers Disclosure to be filled out by the sellers.   Many seller’s will balk at this thought due to the inconvenience to them, but being the buyer market that we are currently in, have your agent notify the seller that if they would like to see your offer, they will need to provide you with an updated sellers disclosure.  

Be sure to read the Sellers Disclosure very  carefully.   Ask questions.   Ask for clarity if you are confused.   Most sellers do not take more than 30 minutes to fill out this very important document, so as the buyer, be sure to be thorough!

In Texas, know that not all sellers are required to fill out Sellers Disclosures.   Consult with your local real estate professional for further details.

 As always, if I could be of any additional assistance on this topic or any other real estate matter, please be sure to call me at 832-233-0265 or visit my website at www.RealtorRhodes.com.   Or you can check out www.SalesInYourNeighborhood.com

Got the Contract Signed? How to Make it to Closing!

Good morning!   This week was a challenging week for both myself and my client.  

In this case, I represent the seller of which we have had the home on the market since April 2010.   In September we received an acceptable offer and buyer and seller signed.   The closing was set for October 21st.   About 2 weeks prior to the closing, I discovered (through a pro-active phone call to the lender) that due to the buyer initially shopping the loan heavily, there was no way that the lender was going to be able to make the original closing date (Note #1: as a buyer, once you have the house you want to buy under contract, do not shop  the loan anymore.   Commit to one lender and proceed forward 100%.   This will avoid potiential delays).  

So reluctant and frustrated, my client decides to agree to extend the closing date to November 18th (this date was determined with communication with the lender as the best time for a clean closing).   So guess what happens?   You got it… about 4-5 days prior to this new close date, we find out that the buyers lender is likely not going to be able to make the November 18th closing (Rule #2: always have your agent keep in close contact with the lender no matter which side of the transaction you are on so that you can learn bad news like this at the earliest time possible).   As it turns out, this is exactly what happened.

So now, we ended up extending the close date (once again) to just after Thanksgiving which should give the lender time to get all of their documents prepared for a clear to close.   However, they have not specifically guaranteed us a closing date as they do not want to be help accountable or liable.   Nice, right?   Sadly, it’s common.

It is interesting to note here how some lenders choose to communicate with clients and/or agents.   Sometimes they are available 24 hours a day.   These are usually the local guys that really hustle the file and work it internally  to keep their clients needs on track.   Sometimes lenders may never return a phone call… they only email you.   And other times (and this is the honest truth), you may not receive any communication whatsoever from the lender until they are completely done with the file and ready to send it to the closing office (this is often times the type of service you might receive from the very large lending institutions).

So just know that even when you have your contract signed and the close date pinned down, that doesn’t always mean that you are going to be closing on that  date.   Many things can happen along the way.   Many of which are not covered in this article.   But just know that  in regards to lending and underwriting, there is a lot of the processing that you or your agent will have no control over and often times, no communication from that individual.   Frustrating?   Absolutely.   However, all efforts should be made to keep up to date and in communication with those parties regardless.   The trick is to figure out how to do this without burning whatever communication bridge you might already have with them.

And when closing dates get pushed back (and they often do in todays  market), it effects SO much.   First and foremost the clients emotional state.   This is huge!   And much of this is because (if you are the seller) the seller  is now living out of boxes,they have to change their moving truck plans, their utilities, their insurance coverage, etc…. And for the buyer, they might have just sold their home and they are completely 100% up in the air with nowhere to go but a hotel and a moving truck that charges them by the day!   Boy how that could get expensive very quick!

So plan it all out with your real estate profession and go ahead and mentally prepare for an extended closing.   That way if a delay does happen, you are ready for it!

For more information, please feel free to contact me at;

Kevin Rhodes




In Today’s Market, Seller’s Should Consider Obtaining a Pre-Listing Home Inspection

It is no secret that most housing markets  are tilted towards the buyers.   In general, there are more properties on the market than this time last year, and there appear to be a lot less qualified buyers out there ready to make a purchase.   This definitely puts a downward pressure on area home prices and stresses out sellers that are currently on the market.

For myself, being primarily a listing agent, I am seeing a growing trend that is quite concerning.    In such a strong buyers market, it is no surprise that many sellers are feeling taken advantage of during the negotation process.   With the excessive intentory on hand, buyers know that they have the upper hand in selecting a home.

A negotation example would be that the seller receives what the seller believes to be a “low ball” offer.    The seller then tries to counter  the buyers offer, but the buyer doesn’t budge much.   Ultimately, the seller settles on  a price much lower than they had originally expected to sell at.

The buyer and seller then proceed to the next phase of the contract/negotiations process.   It’s called the  “option period”.   This is the period where the buyer has “X” amount of days (usually 7-10 here in Texas)  to get inspections and has the unrestrictive right to terminate the contract for any whatsoever.   Assuming that the buyer hires a home  inspector, the home inspection is completed and the seller is presented a list of repair items that the buyer wants the seller to repair.   Many times this repair list can be quite lengthy.   Especially in older homes.   The seller usually has been living in their home for some time thinking everything is just fine, and then all of a sudden an outside 3rd party comes in and picks their home apart.

So when the buyer presents to the seller their requested repair list, the seller naturally gets defensive and usually becomes upset with the buyers requests.   Not only does the seller think that the buyer has already received a great deal on the home, they now feel taken advantage of because the buyer is asking for more.

Sometimes buyer and seller are able to negotiate the repairs together and agree to terms, but I have seen many deals almost come to an end at this stage.  

The remedy I suggest to  this dilemma?   Seller’s and listing agents…. are you listening?   GET A PRE-LISTING HOME INSPECTION DONE PRIOR TO LISTING THE HOME FOR SALE (and do some repairs upfront)!   When sellers list their home for sale, they are usually excited and are  very willing to listen to realty professionals advice on all topics (recommended updates, staging, decorations, etc…).   If a pre-listing home inspection is done and the seller makes and documents the repairs made, once a contract is received, negotiations  between the buyer and seller will go MUCH smoother and a lot less emotional for the seller.   Here in Texas, it also allows the sellers to make the repairs by a handyman (can save the seller money).   However, once under contract with a buyer, any buyer requested repairs that are agreed upon by the seller must be done by licensed technichians  (can be costly).

Not only that, but when a buyer comes along and has narrowed down his/her home search to two or three homes, the home that has been pro-active and has already had a home inspection and a few repairs made, will likely be a more appealing  candidate to receive an offer from that buyer.   This point, should be very interesting to a seller in such a tough market.

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Enjoy the day!

Kevin Rhodes