How to Win in a Multiple Offer Situation!

In a scrappy and very fast moving seller’s market (currently being experienced in many North Texas neighborhoods), multiple offer situations are cropping up more and more often!  Watch the below YouTube video where I expand on these scenarios and how to come out on the winning side no matter who you are against!

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Does Living Near a Starbucks Make Your Home Worth More?

Well I sure think so, but don’t take it from me!  Read the article below posted by my MLS Board (Metrotex):

Does Starbucks Brew Higher Home Values?

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Dallas and Fort Worth Housing Markets Top Forbes for “Best Buys” 2014!

Apparently people are taking notice of the heated up Dallas and Fort Worth housing markets because Forbes recently announce some amazing numbers for our great metroplex!  To read the full article, click on:

Dallas and Fort Worth Housing Markets Top Forbes list of Housing Best Buys for 2014.

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Westlake, Texas is the Nation’s Most Affluent Community

Hello America!   Do you want to live in the most affluent community in America?    Westlake, Texas, is the Nation’s Most Affluent Community so come on over for a visit!   This amazing news was comprised based upon median household income from 2005-2009.   For Westlake, they  averaged an annual income of $250,000 per year.   My initial thoughts to this reporting was that this number seemed low.   I imagine this is based only upon “base pay” or “base salary” with many of these residents receiving a substantial amount of their income from bonuses and dividends that are not directly reported.

Westlake  is a Texas community located just miles from the Dallas/Fort Worth Airport in NE Tarrant County.   This beautifully master planned community rolls through some of Tarrant County’s most  sculpted and hilly landscape.   With home prices typically beginning in the $1 million dollar range, do not expect to be disappointed.   It is also home to Texas’ only municipally owned charter school, Westlake Academy.   It is also home to one of the regions most exclusive country clubs, Vaquero.

A recent newspaper article on this prestigious ranking can be found at the Fort Worth Star Telegram newspaper.   Or to view the Nation’s Most Affluent Community, contact me for a private viewing of this beautiful community.

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